I am a postdoctoral researcher in machine intelligence and computational biology at Ghent University. My main activity is to develop machine learning algorithms to predict how animals, plants, microorganisms and molecules interact with another. Do you speak Dutch and have three minutes to spare. Watch this video on how my research can be used to predict what a sky bison eats.

Outside of science, I enjoy reading (fiction and nonfiction), cooking, running, bouldering and board games (I’m a level five in Dungeons and Dragons).


I have been a teaching assistant for five years, teaching bioscience engineering students statistics, machine learning and computational intelligence.

Now, I am teaching a course on mathematical optimization for bioinformatics students. We study convex optimization, graph-based methods, evolutionary computing, learning-based optimization and much more! Check out the Github repository of the course (under development).

Every year I try to tutor several students for their bachelor project or master thesis. During the year we did some cool stuff, such as building a beer classifier, optimizing a protein, making a recipe generator and much more.

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Contact me

Doing similar research? Want to collaborate or doing a research stay in Ghent? Can you recommend me a great board game? Do not hesitate to contact me!