• only liking particular tastes = overfitting on food
  • cross validation
  • penalizing complexity
  • early stopping


  • Relaxation of hard problems
  • tafel schikking


  • monte carlo methode
  • Metropolis Hastings methode
  • hill climbing
  • simulated annealing

Open yourself to randomness: make a random wikipedia page / random research article your browser starting page.


  • forgiving people: exponential backoff
    • omgaan met mensen: elke fout verdubbel je de straf
  • peter principle

Game theory

  • cheating: moeilijk om mee om te gaan
  • tragedy of the commons
  • prisoner’s dilemma
  • emoties: heuristiek van natuur om groep te bevoordelen (liefde/ergernis)
  • veiling
    • sealed-bid first auction
    • Vicrey auction: sealed bid, winner has to pay the offer of second-place bidder